About Inspired Women

Inspired Women is ever growing and has the potential to become the leading employer mentoring program focusing on young women in the region.  Started in 2015, this locally focused project takes inspiring local female professionals into schools to work with young women on various activities.

Inspired Women is a supportive network of female professionals that work directly with young women, sharing their journeys, sharing their successes and sharing their challenges.  Through this work, it is hoped that young women across the region feel inspired to grow their self confidence and self belief, and go on to achieve their personal goals, be that in life or through a career.

The main driving message of Inspired Women is ‘Who Inspired You?’, and through this message, those supporting the project are able to think back and reflect on who helped them on their journey, and thereby understand that they can become that inspirational character for the young women of today.

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Rob Whitwood - CEO & Founder

Thoughts from the founder of Inspired Youth

Inspired Women is a project which I have waited a long time to see blossom.  Just an idea between some close contacts, that would inspire passion and excitement among many female professionals, and touch the lives of many young women.

The idea of Inspired Women was borne out of a conversation between myself, Open Contact Managing Director Fiona Temple, and Fountain Managing Director Rebecca Lewis-Smith.  The conversation focused on creating an opportunity for Rebecca and Fiona to engage directly with young females, sharing their experiences and journeys into business ownership.  From this point on Inspired Women was created as a concept to engage female professionals with young females, to share journeys and inspire ambition.

“As a father to two daughters, I so hope that Inspired Women can deliver on its potential to bring together those who have so much passion for success and life, with those who are just starting their journey into it.”

 Founding Director of Inspired Youth Projects – Rob Whitwood FCCA

Delivering the program

Inspired Women is delivered by trained facilitators with the aim of encouraging conversation between our female mentors and the participants.

Each activity is supported by female business mentors who give their time to share their journeys and inspire those on the program.

Inspired Youth

Inspired Youth was founded as a project in 2010 with the sole purpose of engaging local businesses with local young people.  The aim of the project itself is to create a community that encourages engagement through easy to participate activities such as enterprise days and career talks in schools.  This engagement is then encouraged further by creating work experience placements in those participating businesses, which will then hopefully lead to short-term employment opportunities through apprenticeships and internships, and finally permanent employment for young people in the region.


The project is run by a small core team, supported by volunteers including local employers, training providers and teachers.  Activities are run across Norfolk and Suffolk involving thousands of students from junior school through to graduate level.  Activities are supported by local businesses ranging from micro and start up businesses through to major national companies with a local presence.  Inspired Youth is well placed to deliver a project like Inspired Women.  Through its work, it has built up a network of interested teachers, career advisers, providers and employers looking to work together on inspiring  career based activities.  Inspired Women will increase the amount of opportunities inspiring women will have in engaging directly with young women across the region, creating an inspirational network for future generations to benefit from.