Inspired Women Ormiston (14)

Inspired Women is just one of many projects run by Inspired Youth.  Inspired Women is specifically aimed at female students, and encourages local female professionals to get involved and help inspire them.

Inspired Women is aimed at those schools looking to

  • Engage with local employers
  • Promote employability
  • Raise career aspirations


Ways to get involved

Student Careers and employability

As part of your support to your students on careers advice and guidance, or working on individual student’s self confidence, consider involving them in one of the Inspired Women programmes.  There are currently two programmes running through Inspired Women, but only the mentoring programme is currently available to new schools.  For more details on this programme click on the follow link to the mentoring programme


Network Development

Take the opportunity to directly network with likeminded, local organisations who are investing in the community and keen to support the development of young people.




  • Meeting employers, and feeling inspired to learn new skills
  • Building self confidence and self esteem
  • Broadening horizons of career options
  • Strengthen communication skills
  • Enhancing presentation skills
  • Support in developing a personal brand



  • Quality delivery of inspiration activities
  • Direct engagement with local employers


Variety Of Other Activities

In addition to running Inspired Women, Inspired Youth has a whole portfolio of other projects that your students could benefit from.

IGNITE! Enterprise Days

  • Over 20 events per year run across East Anglia, these one day events are aimed at inspiring young minds into the world of business. Available to whole year groups covering a broad range of industry challenges.


Careers Events

  • Inspired Youth runs a variety of careers events both in schools, and regional wide sector careers events. These one day activities are open to hundreds of young people in the region, giving them direct access to local employers looking to inspire young people into their industry. Most activities run either for half a day or a full day.


Informative Assemblies

  • Inspired Youth runs a variety of presentations suitable for assemblies, covering a range of sector industry talks, as well as those focussed on employability and social media. A quick way to deliver some useful insights to the students.





‘Complete’ is aimed at those schools looking to

  • Engage with local employers
  • Promote employability
  • Raise career aspirations


What do you get

Development meetings

  • A chance for Inspired Youth to visit you and explain the various projects that your school can get involved in. From here a calendar of activity can be created to engage your students across the year.


Bespoke approach

  • ‘Complete’ offers a range of levels of support for schools, including supporting delivery of in- school activities, support with your own careers based activities, and introductions to local employers within the Inspired Youth community.


Find more information on our Complete Brochure & Complete Journey. Or if you have any questions on ‘Complete’ or any of our Inspired Women activities, please contact us today at or visit our main website