Societal Impacts

Raising aspirations of young women

A key societal impact of Inspired Women is the raising of aspirations of young women, specifically those in rural areas or areas of economic development. Broadening their horizons of career opportunities and exciting jobs will hopefully give them a sense of direction, and in doing so raise their aspirations for the future. It will show that success can mean many things to many people, and that the journey to get there can be varied and exciting.

Inspired Women Ormiston (12)
Inspired Women Ormiston (10)

Raising awareness of the challenges young women face today

Another key driver to Inspired Women is to raise awareness among female professionals of the challenges young women face today, and that they have a key part to play in being inspirational role models. The programme should help them see that by working with young women, they can help inspire direction and ambition to start to tackle some of the problems faced by young women today. This alongside other benefits of getting involved in their local communities.

Increased connectivity through building online communities

In addition to the raising awareness of issues facing young women, and inspiring ambition, Inspired Women has real potential to increase communications between local employers, local schools, local authorities, local third sectors groups and academic institutions. Through this communication it will be possible to continue to build sustainable relationships for future engagement and promotion of careers for young women, that has real potential to lead to youth employment opportunities.

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